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MikoVerse is looking for an experienced Build Engineer to work closely with the engineering and development teams to automate the building of our code and ensure safe but rapid deployment of our back-end code to Kubernetes clusters and Unreal code to end-users.


  • Coordinating with the CTO, product, and back-end teams to build and deploy code for bare metal

  • Tracking down and solving build problems as they arise

  • Architecting systems to improve automation and stability of CI systems


  • Experience with multiple languages, ideally Golang, C++, and Typescript

  • Experience with building tiny code packages, such as microservices from a collection of other code packages

  • Experience with building monolithic code packages, such as Unreal Engine

  • Experience with building for both Linux and Windows


  • Experience with C and Zig

  • Experience re-writing old Makefile build systems in modern Makefile and Zig

  • Experience deconstructing build systems written in CMake, Bazel, and other systems

To apply, send your cover letter and resume to:


Build Engineer

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