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MikoVerse is looking for an experienced Front-End Engineer to work closely with design teams and back-end engineering to develop user facing access to our platform as well as tools for those creating content within the MikoVerse.


  • Developing front-end for our web based services in Svelte and Tailwind CSS

  • Building and iterating front-end features by leveraging our custom Typescript and back-end logic

  • Coordinating with back-end engineering to develop administrator tools for our platform

  • Communicating best practices when it comes to web user interfaces and user experience


  • Solid working knowledge of Svelte, Tailwind CSS, Typescript / JavaScript, and Node

  • Deep understanding of how interactive web experiences are authored


  • Comfortable dabbling in back-end code or technical front-end client code that integrates with the back-end

  • Experience with web development projects that offer social interactions as part of their content

To apply, send your cover letter and resume to:


Front-End Engineer

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