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We are looking for a technical artist that has detailed knowledge of animation blueprints and control rigs in Unreal Engine 5. They will build rigs for mocap control and help develop high quality real-time animations. The ideal candidate will be both creative and technical.


  • Work with animations from mocap and other capture technologies

  • Create state machines that flow between mocap and game animations

  • Create control rigs and IK setups that help real-time animations look more realistic and immersive

  • Develop and improve ways for real-time animations to collide with objects and other players

  • Research and stay up to date with emerging mocap technologies and their integrations with Unreal

  • Help translate real life world placement into a virtual space

  • Develop solutions for dynamic animations, such as cloth, hair, and wrinkles, using different methods including blendshapes, wrinkle maps, displacement maps, cloth simulations, and physics

  • Optimize assets for real-time live performances

  • Create physics assets for props and characters

  • Create animation rigs and rigging tools for real-time

  • Take ownership of the technical work that needs to be done


  • Strong knowledge of the Unreal animation system, including AnimBPs, state machines, and blend spaces

  • 3+ years experience in the video game or film industry using Unreal Engine, with at least 1 shipped title

  • Experience building rigs for a 3D game engine

  • Experience creating physics assets in Unreal

  • Experience working with cloth and hair in Unreal

  • Understands modern facial animation methods​

  • Driven and self-motivated


  • Strong C++ skills

  • Experience with virtual production

  • Experience with motion capture in Unreal

To apply, send your cover letter, resume, and portfolio link to:



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