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We are looking for a character rigger to create rigs for characters and props for Unreal Engine 5.


  • Create skeletal rigs inside 3D programs such as Maya or Blender

  • Create skeletal rigs for real-time

  • Create skeletal rigs for motion capture

  • Export assets cleanly to import into Unreal Engine 5

  • Work closely with technical engineers to develop and optimize rigs

  • Work with character artists on deformations and blending

  • Create rigs for hair, clothes, and props for characters

  • Create rigs that can be reused for different characters

  • Be flexible in creating a variety of rigs

  • Be part of an iterative process

  • Create skins and deformations that work well at runtime

  • Create rigs that support switching skins, props, and clothes

  • Create rigs for different character types, such as humanoids and creature​s

  • Work with the engineering team to develop rigs for a character creation tool


  • 3+ years experience creating rigs in the video game or film industry

  • Experience creating and exporting rigs to game engines​

  • Experience with 3D programs such as Maya or Blender

  • Experience rigging dynamic cloth and hair

  • Experience creating rigs that support switching items and props


  • Experience in virtual production or VR / AR

  • Experience working with motion capture

  • Experience creating tools that help facilitate rigging

  • Mel, Python, or C++

To apply, send your cover letter, resume, and portfolio link to:



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