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We are looking for mid and senior level 3D character artists who are excited about creating a variety of characters, ranging from highly detailed to stylized, for Unreal Engine 5.


  • Sculpt detailed and diverse avatars using 3D programs such as Maya and ZBrush

  • Create detailed and optimized models with clean topology, UVs, and textures

  • Work within a wide range of styles including realistic, stylized realism, anime, and stylized

  • Develop prototypes with the technical team

  • Iterate and develop what will become the base models for a large number of future avatars

  • Help define our pipeline for creating high quality characters

  • Be detail oriented and create polished assets

  • Create shaders using programs such as Substance

  • Work with the technical team to create expressive and customizable avatars

  • Work with the technical team to create models compatible with different rigs

  • Create a variety of clothes using 3D programs such as Marvelous Designer

  • Create blendshapes for facial expressions and muscle deformations​


  • Professional experience on shipped titles in the video game, film, or VR / AR industry

  • Experience working with engineers, riggers, and technical teams

  • Experience with game engines like Unreal Engine or Unity

  • Experience with 3D programs such as Maya, Blender, and Zbrush

  • Able to optimize models and textures for runtime


  • 3+ years experience in the video game or film industry

  • Previous work with VR / AR

  • Experience creating materials in Unreal Engine 5

To apply, send your cover letter, resume, and portfolio link to:



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